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Show all fields when creating new Problems, Changes & Releases

Currently, when creating a new Problem, Change, or Release, the form fields are limited. Yes, you can create custom fields and this and that, but you cannot re-use fields that are already part of the particular entity. 

What I mean by this is that once you create a new PRB/CHN/REL, you are given new fields to fill in - 

For Problems, you are given the "Analysis" section with the "Root Cause," "Impact," and "Symptoms" fields available for filling in. For Changes, you are given the "Planning" section with the "Reason for Change," "Impact," "Rollout Plan," and "Backout Plan" fields. Lastly, for Releases, you are given the "Planning" section with the "Build Plan" and "Test Plan" fields. 

We are looking to see if we can get these sections to be a part of the initial creation of the PRB/CHN/REL. Right now, we have it set up so that whenever one of those things is created, our whole team is emailed with the context of the submission. We would like to be able to fill in these additional fields before the email is sent out to our team. This way, everyone can also be made aware of the additional information as a part of the main info without having to go to visit the actual record. 

We also have seen agents just create the PRB/CHN/REL from the main form, and never go back to fill in this data, so we are hoping that this will help us get these fields filled in more often than not!

If you have any questions, please ask!

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Would make it much easier and save time to fill in as much detail as one has before "submitting"

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