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Ability to reply to any part of a ticket

It would be really useful if we could reply to any incoming message on a ticket, for example:

Person 1 emails the service desk copying in Person 2, who the request is for.

Person 2 replies to add information

I can then only reply to Person 1 copying in Person 2, or forward Person 2's original reply back to Person 2 with my comments. this gets really messy when they reply multiple times as we can only forward back the first reply again.

It would be great if I could just reply to any incoming message on a ticket with the person who sent it as the primary recipient and the ability to copy in others.

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Agreed, this would be very helpful in having the ability to reply to any part/comment within a ticket and have a separate dialog with someone that may (or may not) be listed on the original ticket thread. Adding a "private note" only seems to work if one agent needs to communicate with another agent.

Hey folks,

Thank you for the feedback. We will consider this enhancement for the future. I will let you know when we prioritise this request.

Please keep the suggestions coming :)



Product @ Freshservice

Any news on this? This would be really helpful.

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