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Ticket Scheduler - Every X days/weeks


I like the ticket scheduler, but I think it could use more work in terms of supporting recurrence. For example, we should be able to schedule a ticket to recur every two weeks.

There are no ways to do that at the moment, although we can schedule a ticket every week (or multiple times a week). We can also schedule a ticket to recur every two or three months, but we can only do that by selecting (for example) January, March, May, etc...

My best suggestion is to set it up so it asks if the ticket is one-time or recurring. If recurring, it should allow you to say "Ticket recurs every # days/weeks/months/years" (where the # is a numerical text field and the days/weeks/months/years is a drop-down menu).

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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Yes, like I need something for every other Thursday.

Outlook has this customization seen here:


Thank you.

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Indeed I need to add tasks that are annual tasks as well. Having what Tony put from outlook or look at the task scheduler on any windows server. Thank you

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I need to add annual tasks as well and I think daily would be nice as well. Please add this ability. 

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