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Create a ticket from User/Asset

Sometimes it is useful to create a ticket when viewing a user or asset that is attached to that user/asset.

For example, I am browsing through the assets and I notice that the firmware is not upt o date on a switch, it would be great to launch a ticket or change request and the asset is automatically attached to the ticket.

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Really need this functionality. As an MSP if i'm onsite at a client and i find a faulty piece of equipment the process should be as simple as; Scan the asset or serial number with mobile app, once located click a single button to open a new ticket with as much information prepopulated as possible. e.g. if the asset is used by Person A at Company A, then those details are prepopulated in the ticket and the asset is attached automatically.

The current process is clunky and unintuitive

I agree this would be a great benefit to add.  This would really allow the Agents greater flexibility in creating tickets.

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