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Import CMDB

When importing a .csv file you only get to see the final results of the import for around 3 seconds and then the page redirect to the CMDB home page.

There are no error messages as to why a record may fail to import to correct any mistakes in the file being imported.

Would be good to correct this so you see the final results for an extended period of time, and you get verbose data on failed imports to correct issues.

Hi Scott, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We're working on a fix that will show/email results of the import, along with specifics on what rows in your import failed. You should see this in the coming weeks.


Freshservice Product Team

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i can't wait ^^

the import in csv AND the probe failed for me.

I just have 90 asset but i don't want to do a manual entry.

This shipped earlier this week. Users using the CSV import for CMDB should now see more specifics on why/where their import failed. Pls let us know if you have any feedback. 

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