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Requested For actually sends the Requested For user notification

Great you have a "Requested For" option but absolutely useless unless the requested for gets notifications. 

As an agent I take a call and place the request for a new phone and set the person that phoned in as the "Requested For" field, I need the person I have just requested on behalf of to know I have actually done this or they will phone back up and think we haven't carried out their request? Also what happens when I need to reply to the "Requested For" perhaps when I can't get the model they require but I can offer them an alternative when I hit reply I get myself as the agent, where is the logic in talking to myself, the "Requested For" need to get replies and all notifications or might as well do it via email.

Please make it work or take it away its useless as it is.

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Found this when looking for an explanation to the "Requested for" field. Why is it there?

Completely agree. Please fix this guys! Make it work properly!


We are adding a 'Requester' field to service requests. All the requester notifications will go to this user.

@Don, in your case, you can set the Requester and Request For as the email of the user who called in. When you reply to the ticket the requester (caller) will get the response. 

@Ronny, 'Requester For' can be used while requesting an item for an user who is yet to join the organization. Widely used by HR while creating a 'New employee hire' Service request. In this case, the hiring manager can be the requester (as she is the right person to answer IT queries on choice of laptop or software to be provided to the new employee) and the new employee can be the 'Request For' as he is the one who will be using the items. 

@Mathew, we are on it and we will be deploying this in a couple of weeks. 



Hi Joseph,

This is a promising feature. 

Is there any update on sending notifications to the email specified in the "requested for"?



I agree, by default, the Requested FOR should become the requester so they are the ones who receive the notifications

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Looks like this is an old feature request, but it is still needed.  The requested for should not only get notifications, they should be able to view the ticket in the support portal.

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+1 on lacking notifications on the person who is under  "requested for"

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