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Integration with Wrike


It would be really good if there could be a Wrike plugin for FreshService.

We could then create/update items within Wrike for tickets (with a specific criteria) created/updated in FreshService. And vice versa.

See here for Wrike integration information:

Kind regards,

Mohamed Imran

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Hi Mohamed,

I'd really appreciate your input, can you point out one or two scenarios in which you or your team would like to create tickets from Wrike. This is to understand the underlying reasons and prioritize the usecase. 


Freshservice Product Team

It would indeed be a very useful integration. The idea would be that when a ticket is created and assigned to someone that it could be sync/create a wrike task in a chosen folder. Example: Repair Wifi ticket>Add to wrike>Option to choose in which Wrike folder/sub folder "Repair Wifi" Should be created (Example IT folder)>New task in Wrike created

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Hi Roussel, 

Thank you for sharing a usecase. I'm curious to know why is your team using Wrike instead of Freshservice's task functionality. Is there a specific reason.


Product Management Team

E.roussel hit the nail on the head! Having a wrike integration would be super helpful, especially since not all of our engineer staff is in our FS instance as an agent because there isn't a ton of need for them to be in it. It would help our entire team run more efficitently!

Would really love this as well.

We use Wrike to manage in a detailed way all our site setups.  The high level tasks are in Fresh Service but all the detail can't be as Fresh Service doesn't offer a way to essentially project manage and resource manage.  So we want to be able to have a ticket of category xxxx (as an example) to create a new folder in Wrike.  And then when the detailed tasks are updated in wrike to update the highlevel task in the ticket in FreshService.

Any movement on this? We are looking for a way to integrate our Wrike Project tasks into Freshservice change management. Use case: Wrike Project has a task that is ready for deployment. We can set a flag from the Wrike task to import in to Change Ticket on Wrike while importing dates, notes, change plan, etc from Wrike into FS.

Agreed. Definitely looking for this integration. Projects within Freshservice doesn't have the functionality we need and forces too many required fields that shouldn't be required (like dates when you're first scoping out and building the project).

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