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Include CMDB Relationships in Help Desk Data Export

FreshService claims that "We want you to stay with us because you love Freshservice. Not because your data is stuck. You can export everything anytime.", however, it is currently not possible to export the single type of information that makes the CMDB component of the app useful: Relationships.

It is possible to export all Configuration Items (CIs), and it is clear in the XML that those items have unique ID numbers, so all it would take is an additional XML (or even .txt) file in the export to provide:

1) A list of relationship types as defined in the customer's instance, and their associated UIDs (for example: <relationship type> <relationship type uid>1</relationship type uid> <relationship type description>Uses/Used by</relationship type description> </relationship typo>)

2) A list of relationships in the form of <relationship> <relationship type uid> relationship_type_uid</relationship type uid> <left CI>left_CI_UID</left CI>, <right CI>right_ci_uid</right CI> </relationship>

If implemented, this feature would make the valuable relationships in the CMDB exportable and would make the marketing claim listed above truthful.

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Agreed.  We have a homegrown CMDB with hundreds of assets and thousands of relationships, all exportable for data warehouse purposes that engineering teams depend on.  After moving to fresh service the relationship module initially looked promising until we discovered reporting does not exist.  Please add relationship reporting!!

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It's good to see some support for this feature request, but if their response to another feature request is similar (see this thread: I don't think we'll ever see relationship-exporting functionality. That is particularly unfortunate because FreshService's CMDB has the best combination of up-front affordability and UI usability I ever came across when I was shopping for CMDBs years ago.

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