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Actions based on form values

Currently fields only collect data, that’s it – cannot act of the selection/content in the form itself or via any of the automation features

Yes, sub-tasks are great, but you can’t carry over any content from the parent task, not from custom fields anyway.

Being able to act upon fields within a catalogue form would give a great opportunity for better workflows and automated processes.

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Agree this would be very useful, we aren't seeing a great deal of progression in any sort of decent workflow improvements over the last year. 

We are crying out to be able to create child tickets on SC submissions for things like new users. Seems standard in all other older products I've used where new are tickets created depending on what the hiring manager selects in the form and child tickets are created. Tasks don't always work and new tickets are needed and only when all child tickets or workflow items are closed can the main ticket be closed.

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Glad you agree Dan! I come from a ServiceNow background - I know Fresh doesn't pretend to compete with ServiceNow but having proper fields that you can build workflows on seems like a necessary requirement of a Service Management tool!

Nice could never stretch to ServiceNow but a great product I'm from a dell kace background and I agree a proper service desk tool needs decent automation and workflows configuration. I think if they really concentrated on this it would see a lot of people come over to them as for the price its not a bad product but currently isn't much more than a decent help-desk tool. Would be great to see a proper road map of their planned enchantments in this area, Perhaps they need some fresh insight and a decent user insight panel?

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Yeah, would be good if the roadmap was publicised and up fro debate - there's a great wealth of Service Management knowledge (and some BS!) that they could delve into. 

Just sent you a linkedin invite :) 

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