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Dynamic forms for the catalogue

Dropdown fields in the catalogue forms are great, but you can't do anything based on the selection made by the user.

Having dynamic forms where fields could display or not based on answers to other questions would make for a more efficient form and data collection process.

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Dynamic fields as well as being able to pull data from specific Service Catalog fields would be amazing.


We are looking to build this (dynamic fields) in Freshservice. Please share examples of problems you are trying to solve using this. That would help us to build the right solution. 



So here's an example. I want a dropdown menu titled "Office Type" that offers users the choices "Jobsite" or "HQ". If the user selects jobsite, I want them to be able to enter the job# in a text field. If the user selects HQ I want them be able to choose from "Northwest" or "Southwest". 

I'd also like to be able to pull that data from the Job# field in order to notify specific people at that jobsite. As is currently, I have to have a separate form per each jobsite to set up notifications.

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'Dynamic Forms' is launched in Freshservice Incident forms -

@sean - thanks for the example you provided. 

We will be bringing this to service catalog soon.


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It looks like I'll have to upgrade to get access to dynamic forms. Are there any plans to bring this feature to lower subscription levels?

When will dynamic forms be released for the Service Catalog?

Hey FS Team,

I am really excited to see these dynamic fields implemented into the Service Catalog. We are planning on using them in a robust system for employee management. 

Can you give me an expected roll out date?

Hi Sean

we have started work on Dynamic fields in service catalog along with some more enhancements to service catalog. It's a little early to commit an ETA for this. I will keep you folks posted on the ETA near the end of Development. 



Hi there,

Is there any update to the expected ETA of Dynamic Fields being available in the Service Catalog?



This would be hugely beneficial Please keep me informed on the progression of this.



any update on this?

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