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CI Importing into CMDB

Is it possible to import a description for each asset that you are importing into the CMDB?  When I export the CMBD the field is there and I used that as a template to import our asset database, but when I try to import it, description is not a default field.  Is there a way to add this?

Also, is the import feature intelligent in that it can read the CI type, or do I have to perform separate imports for each CI type?

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I ended up putting in a support ticket and the answer to both is that they are not possible at this time, but are working on the ability to import a description along with the other fields, but do not have an estimated roll out date.  As for being able to import several different CI TYpes at the same time, that doesn't sound like that will ever happen.  Maybe if they hear from you via a support ticket they may begin working on both of these features. 

Does Freshservice support not monitor these forums?  

This was posted a month ago and now response?  I am trying to accomplish the same and have the same two questions.  Also, even when importing one CI type the importer seems to get confused on the way in.  I'm going to open a support ticket.

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