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Microsoft Power BI intigration

a very useful way to allow users to meet their own reporting needs.

Zen Desk is doing this very successfully.


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Hi Curtis,

I'm sorry for taking time to get back to you on this. While we've plans to integrate with MS products such as Office 365, Outlook calendar, etc., I'm not sure if I can add BI integration to the pretty long list (will try my best though and keep you informed about it).

Meanwhile, can you please share your specific requirements in terms of both reporting or any other integration need that you have so I can actively look into your idea. 


Freshservice Product Team

i really love this feature request. I think FS needs a realtime reporting BI tool. especially for O365 company users. Power BI is now free with O365 business licensing. so i think much people are going to use this tool. just tested power BI and looks really promising regarding realtime dashboards etc. Need to test it on more complicated queries though.    

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I agree with Curtis and Maikel.  We need an analytic tool like Power BI that will allow us to manipulate and drill down on the data to enable IT to make smart business decisions. Data is critical in building a baseline, trends, and being able to predicate future events to proactively address business problems. The correct analytic tool can provide -

• Customer satisfaction metrics by department, employee, customers 

• Team performance metrics that highlight areas that are going well and areas for improvement 

• Analyze data to determine what teams are spending their time working on (service request, incidents, problems, and changes) - This will help answer questions on hiring needs and if there is a need to refocus the team to work on areas that need the most improvement 

• Dashboards that can be used to present to senior executives on the state of IT 

• Predication and trends at a glance 

• Performance metrics 

• Efficiency metrics 

• Agent metrics 

• Backlogs

This is just a few that I can think of.  Data is critical in building a baseline, trends, and being able to predicate future events to proactively address business problems.

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I agree with Charles, who agrees with Curtis and Maikel.

Hi All,

We've partnered with Argo for a similar reporting integration. With this integration, you can export Freshservice data in a CSV file and drill down on the data in Argo. Please check out https://argo.io/integrations/freshservice.


Freshservice Product Team

Power BI has mobile app, which is big plus, and its free for Office 365 users, will be good to have some sort of reporting capabilities there. Argo looks good on web, but not sure about pricing and no mobile app?

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I completely agree it would be great to see PowerBI support.  O365 is now the largest used cloud solution in the world with many customers using PowerBI.  Providing PowerBI support will cover the BI requirements for many without additional investments and just as important not require another BI tool when the company has already standardized on PowerBI.

As stated Zendesk PowerBI is a good example, it works well.

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@Viminya Doss

Is there a way we "officially" request this feature? Multiple users would love to have this implemented. 
As @Zwart, Brian said: "O365 is now the largest used cloud solution in the world with many customers using PowerBI."


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If you want examples of our Power BI Dashboards and how Service Desk BI fits in I can show examples of what Zendesk looks like in a production setup with PowerBI reports, etc.

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@Brian, Would love to see the examples. make sure to hide critical KPI's for the community if you place it here. 

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I agree and would love to be able to connect our Power BI environment to query our Fresh Service data. If there is a formal feature request process please let me know where I can add my name. Also the link to Argo/ClearGraph just shows me a blank page...

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A PowerBI integration would be a VERY useful add-on to FreshService

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I'd like to see this too. We've looked at Argo but it is very expensive and quite limited. We've got round it by writing a script to pull data out of the API and dump it into a third party tool for further analysis, but this is not ideal. 

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