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Microsoft Power BI intigration

a very useful way to allow users to meet their own reporting needs.

Zen Desk is doing this very successfully.


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@Justin - if you can't find the password, just do a reset using the link on the same page (unless there are other services using your credentials).

Hello everyone,


Scheduled Data Exports in Analytics is now live - Freshservice customers can schedule Freshservice data to be exported periodically through an API url. This can be fed into any reporting tool (that can pull data from the API) to generate powerful reports and visualizations. This is available as a feature inside Analytics.


To use this feature, simply start with pre-existing widgets under the 'Data Exports' view in Analytics, select the fields that need to be exported, choose the schedule frequency and enable the schedule. The output format is a URL with the exported file (csv), that needs to be configured as the source in the BI tool. Please find the solution article here.


Please let us know your feedback. Feel free to reach out to me at deepika.selvaraj@freshworks.com or support@freshservice.com if you need help with configuring the feature.

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For those of you trying to figure out how to get this into Power BI, the following may help

  1. Create the Export as per the solution article
  2. Verify an export has actually been created by downloading it. (Mouseover the scheduled export and a download icon will appear on the right) Took me a while to notice this as it only activates on hover.
  3. Copy the link (If you have a custom URL, you will need to manually edit this to be a xxx.freshservice.com URL 
    eg https://support.acme.com/api/v2/analytics/export?id=ghjsdcfjhk238347-sdfjkhsdf674-asfkjh-332323-fdsdf -->  https://acme.freshservice.com/api/v2/analytics/export?id=ghjsdcfjhk238347-sdfjkhsdf674-asfkjh-332323-fdsdf
  4. Add this as a Web query in Power BI
    (you may also need to enter authentication information -Use 'Basic' then enter your login details for Freshservice.com (not SSO details if used)
  5. The web query should return an icon in the query editor. Right click this and select 'CSV'
  6. You should see your results.
I think you can only create one export for 'tickets'. Ie I tried creating one export listing customer satisfaction and that works, but Ii could not create a second export for 'tickets' to provide info on SLA violations. Thus it is likely you will need to ensure you capture all data you need in one export.

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I have set up a sample data export but it is advising me that I have no downloads available.. Can I confirm the timezone setting on the export is the same as that of the instance ?

I will try and set this up in PowerBI as well per the instruction from Adam above. See if that shows any data

I'm failing at the first hurdle! Notes say, inside analytics click on the drop down in the top left corner??


Nice--I was able to get this working, with Adam's posts. Thanks, Adam!

For more sophisticated reporting in a seamless fashion we have developed a reporting platform on Fresheservice for both PowerBI and Tableau that is currently being used by more than 1000+ customers. We not only provide canned PowerBI reports that are out-of-the-box within a few minutes but also provide customizations for your report as needed by you.You can check out the details on our website https://freshinsights.co/solution/freshinsights-for-freshservice. Please write to us at freshservicesupport@radiare.com, we would be glad to help you out.

Hope you find this information useful and we are better than the reporting services offered on Zendesk :)

Any updates to this?  We just recently purchased fresh service and found the reporting to be awful and unhelpful. I would like access to my real data to understand how many incidents and service requests are being requested for various categories and other metrics.  Any good way to use Power BI to get this data.  I tried for 2 hours to do what is described in this thread without any success.  This is a huge pain.  Thinking about dumping this product.

Hi Dan, 

1. Please click on the "Analytics" on the top left corner of your screen. This will navigate you to a page where you can view all your reports.

2. Click on the "All Reports" view -> Data exports. 

Hello Pete, 

The downloads will not be available before the scheduled time i.e. if you have chosen the schedule frequency as 11 AM, the download will be available only at 11 AM, not before that. The timezone considered here is the agent's timezone (the one who created the schedule), not the account timezone. Hope this helps. 

Hi David, 

If you're using Power BI for your reporting needs, you can schedule your Freshservice data to be exported periodically via an API url, that can be fed into your Power BI instance. Please find this solution article for detailed instructions on how to use this feature. 

Please follow the following steps to configure this API url as the source within Power BI (screenshots attached) -  

Step 1 : On your Power BI Desktop version, click on “Get Data” -> Choose “Web” 

Step 2 : Paste the API url generated in Freshservice 

Step 3 : You can authenticate using your Freshservice username & password OR by using your API key. 

Step 4 : You will receive the Freshservice data export file in your Power BI desktop, open this as a csv file (right click -> csv). 

Step 5 : You can use this file as your data source and start building reports in Power BI.

If you’d like to automatically refresh this data on a periodic basis, you can save this file & publish it to your Power BI cloud instance & use the "schedule refresh" feature. 

Please reach out to me at deepika.selvaraj@freshworks.com if you have any questions. 

If you are using Freshservice Analytics (available in Estate & Forest plans), it is possible to create a report on Tickets by Category. 

(11.9 KB)
(7.48 KB)
(13.7 KB)
(14.6 KB)
(69.2 KB)
(208 KB)
(12.1 KB)
(124 KB)
(79.7 KB)
(167 KB)

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Dear David,

As an alternate ready solution, please see if you want to consider registering here https://freshinsights.co/register/freshservice and get seamless integration with your PowerBI suite. This is a third party solution and we currently have more than 1000 customers using our reporting platform. The integration happens behind the scenes without anything to be done at your end except of course for sharing our API Key for us to retrieve the data to publish your reports in quick time. 

You can reach out to freshservicesupport@radiare.com for further assistance. 


I am still having issues connecting to the API link but will try the above suggestions - I'm still not convinced my export is working though, I set up a scheduled export yesterday, and still have nothing to download -


I will leave this alone until after the next scheduled update (2pm local) then see if anything is exported....

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I am still getting Access forbidden when trying to connect to the URL in PowerBI -


I have tried both http://helpdesk.mydomain.com and also mydomain.freshservice.com in both the API URL and also in the authentication.

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im still having the same issue that pete said 12 hours ago, hoping to getting a reply from you guys

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