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Microsoft Power BI intigration

a very useful way to allow users to meet their own reporting needs.

Zen Desk is doing this very successfully.


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Looking forward for power bi connector....any update on this will be helpful?

don't expect it - we have heard cheap and cheerful cleargraph but that is now in disarray..   very angry customer.

Honestly, I can't understand why a company who produce software to allow (in part) service providers to respond to customer requests can't figure out how to respond to customer requests.

Surely by now the multitude of requests for this feature, updates on progress, updates on anything would have been noticed, but instead there is just a months-long echoing silence.

This kind of support forum thread is an excellent example of why not to use FreshService or FreshDesk - FreshDesk Inc is simply unresponsive to customer requests for the simplest of things, communication.

Get your act together. Give us an update; give us a timeline; show us some screenshots of the product in development; ask for volunteers to test (there will be plenty); whatever you do, don't do nothing.

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Apologies for the delayed response. We have limited knowledge of power BI tool and hence we are working with a partner to explore this further. Once we have clarity on how to build this integration, I will update you all. Sorry again! Will get back to you quickly. Appreciate your patience. 


Freshservice Product Team

@Viminya Doss - Three months ago you said you were working on a demo of PowerBI integration with a developer. Has freshservice gone backwards?

Oooo. I feel so much better now...




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Please note the following reply to this thread for 7 months ago.  Now you're claiming you have "limited knowledge of power BI tool"?

Indeed this has become quite frustrating. I myself have expressed this recently through multiple channels. Both freshdesk and freshservice should be built upon the same foundation. So one would be believe that the apps/integrations available to freshdesk would be easily made available to the freshservice instance. As a previous freshdesk user and now freshservice user I've always been a big promoter of your products but my time with freshservice and waiting for development and integrations has been frustrating.

I needed this while back and gave up and subsequently have a manual process to pull reports. the power bi integration is much needed, i dont understand what can take so long, but further more we as a community can help with beta testing which will help fast track this.

Viminya, I appreciate you replying again, but it's not encouraging to hear that several months after Rajiv said this would, and I quote, "ship very soon" - and three months after you said you were working with a developer, we now hear that you (the company):

  • doesn't have the product integrated,
  • doesn't know how to do the integration, and
  • doesn't have a timeline.
You must understand that this is quickly becoming more than just a missing feature. The poor communication erodes confidence in your customer service, and the repeated failures to deliver anything at all erode confidence in the ability of the development team to ever substantially progress the product.

Working with a partner is all very well, but have you tried asking Microsoft for assistance? The reporting features of FreshService remain incredibly weak for a product so integral to many businesses. Building support for Power BI into FreshService would allow your developers to solve a key weakness by letting someone else do the heavy lifting. The same is true for building connectors to Planner, or Flow, or Teams - Microsoft want their products to be used, and I'm sure they'd love to help however they can.

Please, please do more than just say you will get back to us quickly. Say you will get back to us with an update every two weeks until there's a product - even if the update is 'nothing new to report' at least we're not left hanging, wondering if maybe ZenDesk is the product for us after all.

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Joshua has communicated eloquently and professionally the frustration many of us are feeling  about FreshService at this time. It's particularly frustrating to get breathless announcements from FreshService about new features that have been added which I don't think have been high on anyone's list, while PowerBI support has been requested for two years. Maybe it is time to move on to a product with the features and customer support that we really need. 

Joshua, Michael, Kevin & others,

First up, I'd like to apologize for the poor communication from us on this thread and on this forum. 

We strive to be responsive to our customers/users across channels and, where possible, engage healthily and be transparent about what we're working on with our users (There are several examples of this on these forums).  However,  being part of an organization that prides itself on great customer support and one that enables teams across the world to deliver great support to their customers, I'm personally disappointed that we dropped the ball with our poor communication on this thread/forum. 

We can and will do better to communicate clearly, transparently and in a timely manner with our users moving forward.

As a product team, we're always prioritizing between a large volume of feature requests and focussing on the capabilities that deliver the most impact to our customers.  This also means we can't ourselves build everything that's being asked of us, which is why we have a robust set of APIs, a developer platform and leverage developer partners to build out integrations where possible. In this case, our well intentioned plans to leverage a developer partner fell through and we weren't able to re-set expectations in a timely manner. Please note that we have been able to deliver many capabilities on our reporting roadmap to customers over the past year and are continuing to invest in reporting capabilities (stay tuned for more on this) for Freshservice.

Getting back to Freshservice-PowerBI in question,we are exploring options including scheduled exports of data and I will get back on this thread by end of the week with a clear plan to address this need. 

On the issue of better communication, as promised above, you can expect clear engagement from us moving forward. 

We value your continued trust in Freshservice and thanks for your patience.

Venkat Balasubramanian

Sr. Director, Product Management

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Thanks Venkat,

Look forward to your update.

I think the frustration here is that we all feel we are very limited in what reporting and analytical capabilities we are provided out of the box. Analytics are very important when running a modern service desk.

We see a tool that Microsoft is pouring investment into becoming ubiquitous for analytics and its free to end users. The community is simply asking for a easy way to connect this into your platform, nothing more. 

Instead we hear about development of other reporting options that we don’t already know how to use and will cost us money to licence. 

Personally I work for a large organisation and I’ve had to recommend against 3 other departments  spinning up Freshservice instances because of this issue as I know there are products out there that do this function better. (Zendesk for example)

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Thanks very much for the update Venkat.

I have to say I think the guys at FreshService have been doing a great job. The product has been developed at a terrific rate and has come a long way in the two years I've been using it.

I know comms on this thread have not been great but I've also found my contacts at FreshService to be really good at communicating directly and I've had some really positive conversations regarding development work and they've always followed through with results.

The fact that we are all pushing for this feature is evidence that you have done a good job on the product, we would rather stick with it and push for the few extra features we want than go for another product.

Thanks for your work, I'm looking forward to the next update.


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