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Microsoft Power BI intigration

a very useful way to allow users to meet their own reporting needs.

Zen Desk is doing this very successfully.


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Is there any updates on this? We looking on Zendesk no, as it has all features for quite long time now and quickly adding more. Zendsk already have out of the box integration with MS Teams as product released. Can add tabs with tickets, or connector though channel and quickly share with team, collaborate. 

Flow has integration to automate tickets actions for free, but for some reason I see can add Freshservice but as premium feature. 

Power BI has native connector long time ago. 

How come they able to add those features so quickly and its not possible by Fresh service? 

We would be interested in this feature also so if an update on progress or estimated time to deliver could be given, that would be great.

Hi Everybody - I'm working with a PowerBI developer for a Freshservice connector. I will update you all once it is demoable.

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Please update me when this is available.

Hi Viminya

Any update on this feature? We have been waiting for this connector for almost a year and it is key for us to have soon. 

Please, let us know when it is ready to be tested.


Kind regards,


Hi Viminya,

Any word on that PowerBI connector? 

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Hi All, having now gone live we are seeing the limitations of the reporting / dashboards. Power BI integration and/or improved reporting features please! 

Also interested in PowerBI integration

Also waiting for powerBI integration

Can someone please post an update on the status of this feature

Also VERY interested in this feature. The out of the box reporting is basic and does not allow much exploration. 

2 Year old thread now by the way ???

Agreed. Would be very helpful. Please add this. 

Why nothing but the sound of crickets...

sounds great. looking forward to it. we are using Power BI, but need to manual export the data weekly to update the reports.

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