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Microsoft Power BI intigration

a very useful way to allow users to meet their own reporting needs.

Zen Desk is doing this very successfully.


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+1 for Power BI integration.  Works really well in zendesk

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+1 for Power BI


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+1 Power BI - free with Office 365 - integration makes so much sense

+1 for this request....would be a real game changer for us

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Agreed with all the comments on here, we'd really like to take advantage of this featue.

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+1 from me as well. Would like to see this feature.

What is the status of this request?

I'd like to add our account to this request as well. We use PowerBI extensively and it would be a great add on to FreshService.

+1 for PowerBI

Thank you for all your comments / upvotes for this feature. I want to quickly check in if you have tried our API to pull ticket related data from Freshservice for reporting info.


Freshservice Product Team

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Hi Vimina,

Yes, I'm currently using the API to pull data into another third party BI tool but it takes a lot of work and because of the limitations of the API we can't get everything.

If I could plug in PowerBI and access all of the data in our Freshservice instance that would make an incredibly powerful tool for in-depth reporting and analysis.



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Sure, it's possible. The path of trial and error is riddled with existential and rectal hardship.

Authentication is the first step that might slow down right away. The API documentation: Authentication explains, that the API uses Basic Authentication. Now, if you're doing it through PBI's Get Data -> Web and are courageous enough to try to connect to the API without any credentials, it will explicitly ask for creds after pressing OK and then you're ready to go. Or, you could slap the credentials/API-key on the HTTP header, but I have no experience of that.

If your Fresh domain has a lot of tickets or other records, you'll find out soon that the API paginates the responses. Sure, with Power BI's M-language you can iterate the pages with multiple requests, but by the time you've learned to do so, you begin to question the choices you've made in terms of your career path, and purpose of life in general.

What if one needs to dynamically generate multiple API requests and define their parameters, based on the response of one request? Sure, it's possible. By the time you've learned to do it with M, you've probably mastered that scripting language and again you're wondering if your career path was really the correct one for you. Or if you approach the goblin-like developers in your office with this issue, they'll hiss violently at M and begin implementing their own RESTful web server with the language they choose, position it between PBI and Fresh's API, and tell you to poll that instead.

API is aimed for developers, while Power BI is for anyone who wants to create reports or dashboards, without having to depend on any IT staff or DB administrator. 

But to be honest, I'm not sure which would be better: that you guys provide an article about using the API with PBI, or to implement the integration. Because it's difficult to implement GUIs, user friendly dialogs or wizards for all the possible use cases, especially when things get more advanced. Perhaps an integration to perform all the small and simple functions, and courage the community to use the API for more advanced stuff and to write their own Wiki about it?

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I totally agree with Mark 

I haven't used BI myself, but I talked to our business analysts (who basically live in the thing) and they told me I would be a fool not to support this idea. +1 for BI.

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Another +1. We use BI for an existing dashboard and pull Sendgrid and Azure financial data into it. It would be great to be able to add in data from Freshservice.

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