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Microsoft Power BI intigration

a very useful way to allow users to meet their own reporting needs.

Zen Desk is doing this very successfully.


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Guys just a quick update to this,please verify that the time zone on your Freshservice account is the same as your locale time zone, for some reason my account had the canada time zone and i live in Mexico, i just changed it and now it works with MS Power BI and in Freshservice shows me the scheduled reports



I cannot see the service requests in the "Data Export", where are they?

Hi Luca, 

In order to schedule a data export, 

  • Log into your Freshservice account and click on Analytics from the left sidebar. 

  • Inside Analytics, click on the drop-down menu on the top left corner and select Data Exports

  • Click on the + New Export option present on the top right corner and choose the module for which you wish to schedule a data export. 

Is it possible to limit the scope of the API export? We have multiple teams using Freshservice and wish to push to PowerBI, but we don't want data from all boards to be visible. 

Would be great to be able to filter to the group at the API level.

I seem to be getting only 10 departments when pulling from Freshservice into PowerBI any hints as to why I am only getting the first page through? 

This has just been marked as 'Implemented'. Is there any release notes for it? I can't seem to see any announcement, or details how to enabled...?


Hi Martin, 

You can schedule your Freshservice data to be exported periodically via an API url, that can be fed into your Power BI instance. Please find this solution article for detailed instructions on how to use this feature. 

Please follow the following steps to configure this API url as the source within Power BI (screenshots attached) -  

Step 1 : On your Power BI Desktop version, click on “Get Data” -> Choose “Web” 

Step 2 : Paste the API url generated in Freshservice 

Step 3 : You can authenticate using your Freshservice username & password OR by using your API key. 

Step 4 : You will receive the Freshservice data export file in your Power BI desktop, open this as a csv file (right click -> csv). 

Step 5 : You can use this file as your data source and start building reports in Power BI.

If you’d like to automatically refresh this data on a periodic basis, you can save this file & publish it to your Power BI cloud instance & use the "schedule refresh" feature. 

Please reach out to our support at support@freshservice.com if you have any questions. 

Ah right, so it's not specifically a PowerBI integration then is it?

I was expecting some form of new App within the Freshservice environment to have a direct integration with PowerBI.


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