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Announcement Email Notifications

Hello! I'd like to request the ability to notify users that there is a new announcement on our Freshservice portal. At the moment, users only see new announcements if they visit the portal - not everyone does.

I would love to be able to push out a notification via email to all requesters that there is a new announcement. What would be even cooler would be "targeted announcements" where we could email only members of certain departments (e.g., notify the Finance department that the accounting software is down but not bother people in Customer Service about the same).

Thanks for your consideration!

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Jess & Dave,

This is currently in the works and we'll be starting development on this shortly. With this upcoming feature: 

- Announcements can be pushed out as an email

- Announcement visibility can be restricted by department, agent group or requestor group

- Announcements can be scheduled, with a clear start & end date; so they don't continue to appear forever.

We'll update you when this is ready for release.

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I would like this as well! Maybe when creating a new announcement, we could select the targeted groups/departments of users from a list. It would be great for the users in those groups to not only get the email notification, but also be the only ones that can view the announcement on our portal. 

For example, if we wanted to notify our Finance department their accounting software is down, then they would be the only ones to get the email notification, like Dave mentioned, as well as be the only ones to see the announcement on the portal. This way, someone in a non-targeted group/department wouldn't have to bother looking at the announcement on the portal, because they can't see it in the first place!


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Any update on this feature request?

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