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Parent and Child in service requests

Hi There,

I love the work you guys have done in regards to parent and child tickets within incidents and the way you have associated tickets within changes.

Would it be possible to implement something similar into Service Requests.

An example being there is a master request for a new starter, but then child requests for creating the AD account, building the hardware, organising the mobile etc...

If there was the ability to create the child requests (from catalogue items) under the master ticket that would great, in the way you have implemented in incidents.

The reason I ask for this over creating tasks is so the user could have visibility in the end user portal of the different parts of the request.

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@Ebony - Thanks Ebony, for sharing your use case with us. It was extremely helpful to understand how requests are being submmited by your customers and why this feature would be a value addition in your case. I will keep you posted on this feature as soon as I have an update on this. Thanks again for your feedback! 

@Rehab - Besides the use case that Ebony had mentioned (not utilising the Service Catalog to request items - requests are currently being raised as emails and there is a need to manually create child tickets), is there any other scenario/reason where you would require this feature? It would be helpful to understand your use case better :) Thanks! 


Freshservice Product Management 

Thanks for this new product enhancement. Certainly is great to be able to link request items in the Service Catalog. In testing this I have noticed that if you choose to create separate tickets for each child item it has 'System' as the Requestor rather then it being the same requestor as the parent ticket. Is this expected behavior? And is there a reason why this is the case?

If the child ticket is closed, I am guess that its not going to notify the requestor unless we manually update the requestor?


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Hello Clinton, 

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, this is expected behaviour - the requestor field for Child tickets will be "system" so that one agent (parent ticket agent) will remain as the single point of contact for the requestor. Closing the child ticket will not notify the requestor, however, every time the stage of an item in a child ticket is updated to "Delivered" or "Cancelled", the requestor will be notified.  


Hope this helps :) 


Freshservice Product Management 

 Hello Deepikaa ,

          In the above case the reply will be to System not the requester who opened the ticket (the agent who taking care of the parent one). In my case I'll not depend on the stage, I'll depend on the ticket status to avoid confuse my agents with multiple changes.

The second view is I need to add a feedback not only update the stage so I need to reply by default to the requester. Do you have any ideas.



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Another option if we can add that will be great, could we make the child SRs dependent on each other.
For example, I've 3 Child SRs (Computer, Phone and SW) could I create the "SW" SR upon resolving the "Computer" SR.

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Can we get an update on this? This addition to the service request module would be beneficial. 

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I would also like to see the ability to invoke a child service request from an incident. If you need to put in an order for a new part or new machin etc in order to solve an incident, it would be nice to be able to easely record wich incident initated the need for the purchase. Today we have to either convert the Inc to SR (wich will mess up reporting) , or create a separate SR and then make of note of wich Inc this order originated from. 

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we use child tickets also in our old system.

we are just migrating.

we use it to assign a extra task to a ticket for an other agent.

Or if we havel multiple tickets for the same problem.

Kind Regards,


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is freshservice working on this feature? We need to be able to manually create a child request for a service request.

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Hello Freshservice

Can you give me an update as to whether this  will be implemented and if so when?

(Ability to create child service requests from within the ticket interface)

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Same here, there does seem to be a need for this feature, please update us

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Yes, come on guys. We really need this feature. Many of our users send us emails rather than go into the Service Catalog. Having our agents manually creating new SR's then having to Merge tickets takes too many unnecessary steps. 

Please give us a status on this? We could really used this workflow in our environment and it would save us a lot of time. 

I like that you have been able to add child tickets to SRs but, the problem with this is that the same information needs to be added for each child ticket.  That is a lot to ask our personnel to do with each New Hire.  We like that Tasks can be automatically assigned in the automator but, since we assign to a group...and not an individual, those tasks are difficult to find.  Since we cannot automatically spawn a child ticket in the automator(which would be nice), can we instead SEE the tasks in the ticket view filter?  Can that Type be added along with Incident and SRs?

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I'd just like to bump this request/thread.

Our use case: We need an easy-to-use way for managers to request an off-board of an employee (via SR), but that manager will likely not know all the sub-systems the user needs to be removed from. When an Agent starts working the SR ticket, it would be helpful if they could add child tickets to dispatch to the admins of those subsystems.

With Freshservice as it works today, I can add additional "requested items" to the current SR, but because the SR is assigned to me, the admins of those other systems won't see it in their queue. I realize we could re-assign the ticket to them to complete their step, but that seems a bit awkward if we have several tasks that are better worked in parallel (than sequentially).

It seems like adding child tickets to existing SRs would not be a terribly difficult thing, since child-relationships exist, but obviously I don't know the constraints of the datamodel behind all this. Thanks for your great work! 

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I have an additional use case for why this should be able to be added from the Service Request itself.

We have announcements that go out from various departments to various listservs, but they require approval and staging (because SharePoint) to make sure they push correctly. While we have multiple people that can handle the staging environment to ready these things for deployment, only select administrators can actually push them to the live server for a multitude of reasons.

Check boxes/Tasks do not properly track and create ownership for both of these steps, and reassigns for issues that the initial party has no access to breaks valid reporting metrics.

A simple button, which already exists on incidents, to "Add Child Ticket" (as it is dependent on the initial request anyway) would solve hours of hand-offs and headaches.

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