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Parent and Child in service requests

Hi There,

I love the work you guys have done in regards to parent and child tickets within incidents and the way you have associated tickets within changes.

Would it be possible to implement something similar into Service Requests.

An example being there is a master request for a new starter, but then child requests for creating the AD account, building the hardware, organising the mobile etc...

If there was the ability to create the child requests (from catalogue items) under the master ticket that would great, in the way you have implemented in incidents.

The reason I ask for this over creating tasks is so the user could have visibility in the end user portal of the different parts of the request.

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Hi Craig, 

Sorry for the delayed response. 

As you rightly mentioned, Parent-Child service requests is an efficient approach to handle services such as on-boarding a new employee. Where in, a list of other catalog items that are most likely to be requested as part of the on-boarding process (Apple Macbook, Install Adobe Photoshop, etc) will be created as child service requests, with the "new employee hire" serving as their parent service request. We are currently working on revamping our service catalog module, with which, introducing parent-child service requests is an enhancement we are considering on taking up, to deal with workflows such as a New Employee Hire. I will keep you updated here regarding this feature. :)


Freshservice Product Management

Any update on this one?

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Looking for any update on this feature request, Child tickets are more important to Service Requests than Incidents. 

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Bumping for an update if there is one available?

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It'll be really helpful. Do we've any updates on it !


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any update on this?

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Hello everyone, 

Parent and Child service requests is now available in Freshservice to efficiently handle elaborate workflows with multiple steps, like Employee Onboarding. As part of this enhancement, admin can configure service items that are likely to be requested together as bundles in the service catalog. This will allow end-users to request multiple related service items in one go without having to request each item separately. 

Learn more about this enhancement here. 


Freshservice Product Management 

Thanks Deepika for the update but I'm still couldn't see how can I do that, I can't even see "Child Ticket" tab in my interface.


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Like Rehab I would also really like the ability to create Child Tickets from the ticket interface (As opposed to just the service catalogue as you've mentioned). Any update on getting that?

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Hello Rehab, 

Parent and Child Service Requests can be created for service items only if that option has been enabled on the Admin console (inside "Service Catalog").

For example, on the "New Employee Hire" service item (Admin -> Service Catalog -> New Employee Hire) , the admin can specify items that part of the on-boarding process such as ID Card, Payroll Setup and Apple Macbook as additional service items. After which, the admin has the choice to configure this workflow as parent and child service requests by checking the "Create Child Requests for each of the items above", in which case, the requested items will be created as individual child tickets to the New Employee Hire Parent ticket. If this is left unchecked, the requested items will be created as a single service requests with multiple items. 

You can learn more about adding additional items to a service item and configuring parent-child service requests in detail with this quick guide - 

Configuring the Service Catalog [Agent Guide] 

Service Requests with additional items

Hope this helps! 


Freshservice Product Management

I think what he's referring to, like myself, is within the ticket interface.

When you have manually created a SRQ (I.E not from the service catalogue) the child ticket option is not there.

As per Rehab's screenshot.

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Hi Ebony, 

That is right. Ability to create child service requests from within the ticket interface is not supported in this enhancement. It would be helpful if you could help us understand why you would be interested in this feature by sharing some of your use cases and any other suggestions you might have. Looking forward to your inputs! :)


Freshservice Product Management

Hi Deepikka,

Well at this stage we are not utilising the Service Catalogue. We have only just moved to Freshservice so are wanting to get the catalogue fully built before we transition customers (For maximum uptake). So customers are submitting requests via email as they always have. We then obviously manually process them and need to create child tickets for some items.

For example, new users we need to create child tickets to set up sub accounts and etc.

As a work around we are having to create 'tasks' for this but it is not a viable solution as if we assign the task to a group and not an individual it doesn't show in anyone's queue so there is a likelihood it will slip through the cracks and be missed.



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Sure Ebony, I think this is my issue as well. We can create child tickets to be linked to Parent tickets and that's in case the ticket is incident but in case it's SR we need to be able as well to link it to other SRs using the introduced feature. How could we do this.



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