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Clone a Ticket

I've searched around the forum and don't see a request for this already which is actually pretty surprising as it's a standard feature in most ITSM products. We're looking for a "clone" option where we can create a new ticket based on the properties of an existing ticket.

Since all ticket should have a number of mandatory fields (at least if the company is trying to be ITIL compliant), creating a ticket can take a minute or two. If we want to create a number of nearly identical requests (example: ordering phones for 5 new employees), we have to go through the manual process of creating each of the 5 tickets, including all categorization. If we could get an option under the "More" button of an existing ticket that creates a new ticket will all the tombstone values pre-populated based on those in the existing ticket, we could save hours on these repetitive tasks.

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I need to have either a reoccurring change option for teams that do similar maintenance on a regular basis... or a clone option for change so they can fill this in more quickly.

Any news on this?

I also think this is a great idea.  Our ticket process is to log issues for each individual users and then assign them to a problem (if applicable).  Being able to rapidly clone a current issue (say if a deployment goes wrong), would help our processes a lot.

Hi team,

Any news on this feature request - first logged 3 years ago!

Would certainly help our Change Mgt process for rejected changes not having to be fully written out again...

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Any news on this feature request ?


I would like this as well.

+1 for this in my opinion basic standard feature that should exist in a ITSM tool.

Any news?

There is a handy app for this named "Clone Ticket" from Freshworks, but it only works for cloning Service Request. 

Maybe that could be fixed in the app to support incidents too?

I'm looking for the same, thank you.

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