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Clone a Ticket

I've searched around the forum and don't see a request for this already which is actually pretty surprising as it's a standard feature in most ITSM products. We're looking for a "clone" option where we can create a new ticket based on the properties of an existing ticket.

Since all ticket should have a number of mandatory fields (at least if the company is trying to be ITIL compliant), creating a ticket can take a minute or two. If we want to create a number of nearly identical requests (example: ordering phones for 5 new employees), we have to go through the manual process of creating each of the 5 tickets, including all categorization. If we could get an option under the "More" button of an existing ticket that creates a new ticket will all the tombstone values pre-populated based on those in the existing ticket, we could save hours on these repetitive tasks.

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I need to have either a reoccurring change option for teams that do similar maintenance on a regular basis... or a clone option for change so they can fill this in more quickly.

Any news on this?

I also think this is a great idea.  Our ticket process is to log issues for each individual users and then assign them to a problem (if applicable).  Being able to rapidly clone a current issue (say if a deployment goes wrong), would help our processes a lot.

Hi team,

Any news on this feature request - first logged 3 years ago!

Would certainly help our Change Mgt process for rejected changes not having to be fully written out again...

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Any news on this feature request ?


I would like this as well.

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