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Roadmap Visibility

Would it be possible for us as a community to have an updated view of the roadmap with what feature and improvement you guys are looking to action in Q3 & Q4 please.

Its always good to feel engaged as a customer :)

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Something I have asked for both here and in the LinkedIn group. 

I'll say, any ask to have more visibility as to what the future may hold or access to roadmap/dev has been pretty much rebuffed.

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I've already upvoted, but I'll also add a comment saying that this would be very, very useful. Since I work for a software development company, I know that it's impossible to fling open the doors to the entire process or start putting firm end dates in place since those always swing about as more urgent requests/fixes come through, but since you are indeed selling your product to us on a regular basis (we do have to agree to renewals, after all), giving us at least a vague idea of things to come would go a long way towards ensuring our repeated business.

I've seen a lot of feature requests on this board that go without answer for months if not years on end. As a new client, this makes me rather nervous about what will happen when my company inevitably encounters a business-critical change.

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Thanks for your comments. We understand the ask & agree that it would be valuable for customers.


We're currently hard at work scaling our product/engineering teams.  Soon we hope to get to a point where we can be transparent (to the extent possible) about our product roadmap and meet the expectations we set with our customers. Until then, continue to use these regular updates from the product team for what we've cooked up.

Please continue to use this forum for your feedback & let us know what you'd like to see in the product. We're listening! We look forward to engaging with customers like you on this forum. 


Venkat B

Freshservice Product Management

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Any follow up on this?



The Freshservice Roadmap is now available on the Forums. We've also put out a short post on how we build the roadmap. Do follow the Roadmap section to get regular updates on what's brewing in Freshservice.



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