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Announcements Notifications

Do we have any option to notify all requesters that there is a new announcements ?

As they don't get notified unless they logon the system and check the announcements manually

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I was looking into the same thing. It would be very helpful to users/requestors to be notified of system status changes and system issues, especially when email is the affected system.

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Hi there 

We have now introduced the feature to send out an E-mail when an announcement is created. 

This option can be found as a check box- "Also send this announcement by email", when creating a new announcement.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime.


Sandhya Sriraman

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Our team would really like to begin enjoying this new feature however it shows all e-mail recipients to all e-mail recipients when sent. Are there plans for making this a BCC option for security purposes? For us BCC would really come in handy when sending to multiple external vendors.

Otherwise keep up the outstanding work you and your team are doing. We really enjoy FreshService!

Have a Wonderful Day,


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Hi Ed

I completely understand the concern. This is a really good feature to have.

This version of Announcements is a new release in Freshservice. We will definitely consider your valuable suggestion in our next enhancement.

I have passed it on to our Product team.

Thank you very much for your compliments.

We are glad to know that you enjoy using Freshservice. Feel free to reach out to us anytime!


Sandhya Sriraman

Please could you the ability to format the email template as they come through in nasty looking plain text, all with double spacing! Looks pants!

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also ours keeps going into our user's spam folders....

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Yes, please give us a way to format the email! It comes out very plain and very spaced out and is not appealing at all. 

This new announcement email feature is much appreciated though!

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I've just tested this and would really like a way to only send this to selected agents (eg those in a particular group). At present it just sends to ALL agents, including occasional agents. This is a bit poor.

Also echo the idea about BCC-ing the agent details

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