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Ability to Edit Default Reply Template

Forgive me if this is already requested or is already a feature I did some searching and couldn't find this. The only thing I could  find is canned responses.

We would love the ability to edit the default reply template for tickets. The current is much too formal for us and we would love to be able to change it to something that better suits our business rather than edit/remove what's there with every reply.

Do you mean the response notification when a ticket is created? If so, you can edit this in Admin -> Email Notifications, in the Requester Notifications section

I think Jeremy means the template that's used when an agent replies to a ticket. That can be edited through Admin -> Email Notifications -> Agent Reply Template

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Oh my! I totally missed that with it being all the way at the bottom. Thank you so much, Matt! You are awesome.

Hi Guys, 

The agent reply template is great and we have it set to automatically address to the requester, but is there any way of editing it so it only addresses by first name rather than the full name? 


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