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SurveyMonkey Integration - Pass Ticket Number

I love the SurveyMonkey integration feature (since it saves me from having to learn a new survey creation tool), but one key thing is missing: the ability to link a response to a ticket. 

If an end-user says that they were unhappy/really happy with the service, it would be invaluable to my (and likely many other) companie(s) to be able to look up the associated ticket to track down the type of request, who actioned it, any extenuating circumstances, etc.

As it stands it looks like the only custom data being recorded is the user's name, though I've noticed that the ticket number is being passed in the URL, likely to ensure that only one response per ticket is logged. Since the data is being passed anyway, it should be easy to get SM to add it to another custom data field or just append it to the existing CX data.

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This is on our list of requirements to get FreshService approved and I'm getting a lot of pushback from leadership about the lack of this fundamental survey item.

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