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#Slack Integration

Our team is starting to get heavy with Slack and I see integration with other helpdesk systems, can we get integration rolling for FreshService? 


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We ended up doing something similar.  When tickets come in, what is their source listed as?  For us it shows as "portal" which makes it a bit difficult to categorize them


We don't sort on the way in using Dispatch'r we have an Observer rule that watches the "group" field. We set a custom field as "Post to Slack" when we switch the group and update the ticket Observer sees that change and triggers a web hook that posts to slack. 

It is now Late May.  Where is the Mid April Update?

I'm interested in this feature as well as its a major major selling point for my company.

Is this coming any time soon?


Integration is fairly close to being ready and will be released in a month or so. Thanks for being patient with us. 


Freshservice Product Team

Hi Everybody,

Slack integration has been released :) Thank you for being patient with us. Please refer this solution article to set it up.


Freshservice Product Team

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