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Parent-Child Tickets - Adding Parent to Child Ticket

Would like the ability to select a Parent ticket from within a Child ticket.

Currently, to assign a Child to a Parent, you need to open the Parent to add the Child.

If a new ticket comes in that has an existing Parent, we would like to be able to assign it that Parent directly from within the new ticket, instead of having to access the Parent first to add the Child.

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same, i also trying to do this, currently only can  auto create the change using webhook, and then add to subject and do manual association.

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This was raised by the peeps on my desk yesterday so bumping here instead of duplicating

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yes this would be very helpful, because the way it usually works. a parent ticket is created first and then children tickets would be added later . i think this would be added with the bulk action feature. 


Our team agree with this as well.  It is very frustrating because we are often triaging tickets and so we are looking at the child.  There are more instances of needing to add a child to a parent, from within a child, than someone sitting in the parent deciding what children to add.

Is there anny confirmation on when this will be implemented? this feature request should be quite easy to implement. 

has there been an update on this already. this should be an easy to implement feature request. 

I absolutely echo the above, it would be great to be able to bulk add child calls to a parent.

New to Freshworks, the way we worked on previous systems was open a Parent, or what we called Master call, let the support guys have that ticket number and they can add the child tickets to the parent from the child ticket they are logging.  

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