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Create Service Catalog Administration role

There needs to be a way to create a role specifically for managing the service catalog. 

Right now it is not an administration function that you can assign under "Perform Operational Admin Actions" so instead the workaround is to create a role with "Play God with Super Admin Controls" and to not check "Include account management."

This workaround is unacceptable for many reasons, first of which is because once someone has been given this role I can no longer log on as them to see what they have access to.

I want to be able to delegate management of the service catalog to a team member but I can't until this feature is enabled.

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Agreed, can't believe there isn't already a separate role for this

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I completely agree with this as well. Can there be a separate role set up for the service catalog? 

Is there any plans to get this implemented? 

Hey Guys

Have you any timeline on this item?

Thank you 

Must have in my opinion. 

Especially if you are operating in different countries with different product lines. Now colleagues have to sent over spreadsheets with the information, where after an global admin then finally can change or add anything.

Two year old request and still zero progress or even acknowledgement. This should be a foundational role. No reason for a full blown admin to spend time managing the service catalog. We should be able to delegate that data entry task to another agent without also giving them permissions to control everything else, especially performance reporting for other agents. 

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Any feedback on this?

Hello everyone,

I understand that it's essential to have a separate role to create and manage the service catalog. I can imagine the struggle around granting global admin access when only service catalog access will do. I just checked and we do have this on our backlog. I am bumping this up on our list. More on this once we prioritize it for development.

Please do keep sharing your feedback!




Happy to let you all know that this is being worked on and will be available before end of next week. 

Update(12 Feb): This is implemented



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