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Ability to change due date

It would be useful to change the Due date on a ticket without having to change the status to open.

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I second that. This is annoying, especially as an administrator-level user who can't change things.


Just discovered this limitation now.  Yes, please remove it.

I see this is still an issue.  Another vote here to remove the requirement than the ticket status be OPEN before the due date can be changed.  Silly.

I'll raise this issue today during our call with our Engagement Manager. See no reason for the ticket to be open to set the due date too.


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Agreed.  Having the same problem here.  Need this enabled.

Agree, just ran into this problem. Seems unneccesary hurdle from enduser perspective.

Is there an update on this. It makes no sense whatsoever

We have never needed this, but this is a dumb restriction and I can see the need for it.

+1 for this as well.

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