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Extend gamification by adding points to tickets

Gamification of our Servicedesk has improved the effectiveness of our agents but we do notice that the more difficult tickets remain unresolved and their focus goes out to the 'easy wins'. And nobody wants to solve the overdue tickets because points are subtracted.

My proposal:

Every ticket is worth 1 point by default.The supervisor can add certain points to a ticket knowing it's a hard ticket to solve.Assign points to tags

An example:

1 point have been assigned to the tag 'Microsoft Office'

2 points have been assigned to the tag 'Printing'

10 points have been assigned to the tag 'New Employee'

10 points have been assigned to the tag 'New Computer'

Ticket Help! I can't print my document!!

Was solved within SLA, agent gained 8 points. (5 SLA + 3 Extra)

Service Request New Hire John Doe. Prepare Notebook

Agent has created a new account and prepared a new notebook within SLA. Agent gained 25 points (5 SLA, 10 New Employee, 10 New Computer.

In the current situation, the new hire ticket that takes a lot of time, the agent would gain 5 points (the same as a fast ticket) IF he had managed on time. Even if this was resolved overdue, he would still gain 15 points.

How much a ticket is worth should be 'advertised' in the ticket overview to easily earn tickets.


  1. Hard to solve tickets are attractive
  2. Agents will be motivated to extend their knowledge so they ARE able to solve the hard ones
  3. Tags WILL be used and re-used. The agent will take the time to assign plenty tags which improves the statistics and overall lookup.

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Hi Tiele,

Very interesting. I will have a word with the product management team about this, though honestly I don't see these changes coming anytime in the near future. 


We would like to have quarterly rewards based on ticket points and bonuses for reaching Professional, Expert, etc.  Being able to automatically assign a point value to a ticket would be amazing!  Please implement this.  :)

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