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Automated Approval Emails w/Dispatch'r for Non-Agents

You can send approval request to an email address directly from a ticket (service request) approval. (service-request.png)

However Dispatch'r can only send approvals to helpdesk users. (dispatchr.png)

I'd like the ability for Dispatch'r to send approvals to an email address just as you can from within a service request.

It's odd that you can do it in one place on Freshservice, but not another place within the same system for the same function.


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YahooCustomerService....hmmm, can't say I've ever come across 'yahoocusomerservice.co/' as an official support channel.

@freshservice, is this a verified URL?

Any update on this Fresh Service?

There is a ton of features that your customers request with no updates for years....

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Here is another 2 year old feature request that I can't imagine would be that difficult to implement.  I'm not sure why you all don't just consider closing out these easy wins.  You have dozens of replies here and each of these customers would be happy to see this implemented.  Instead you all are busy making a "marketplace" which just holds all the same integration that showed up under an Admin tab...


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Because they want you to pay for 50 agents who will NEVER login for anything other than to click a handful of approvals each month...

@Kevin Brenner

Yeah, even the latest "Falcon Release" is more of a CSS rework than true functional improvement. LOL. Oh well, I guess we'll have to rise above and impress our clients with actual service, as opposed to throwing another, "award winning" platform at them.

Agreed though, easy wins like this would definitely make using Freshervice a better experience.

@Mike, what did you end up using instead and how do you connect the other system to FS?. I very nearly pulled the plug just before our first renewal (data accidentally deleted by FS and no backup), but ended up deciding to give FS another 12 months to work out these issues.

@Adam, Freshservice is ran as a stand-alone tool, no connection to our other system(s), ultimately a front-line tool for less IT-centric functions... e.g. General customer service for internal and external use...

Take a look @ ConnectWise, it's very not cheap, but neither is FS when you need to scale... Granted there are others, prices and functionality vary, there is no one size fits all... Use what works for your environment.

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Also Lansweeper and similar tools like Spiceworks are worth checking out...

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Any update on this feature ?

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This a much needed feature and  3 years to incorporate this feature is not acceptable. What can we do to get this moved up and get it on the development schedule

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Guys I think this is coming with the New Smart Automator...atleast I hope so. This is what the support team has told me. Hard to believe people are bashing FS in this thread and no-one form FS has chimed in to settle down disgruntled customers.

I for one like FS and my enhancement request are minimal. We all know that their cashcow is FreshDesk.

@Clay, for the most part, I like the FS product, so I'm not some big naysayer in here, but when these types of comments listed below are made by FreshService staff making promises that they never deliver on, I don't think people's comments on this thread are necessarily out of line.

"We will be taking this up soon and I will keep you posted on this." - 3 years ago

"Only a couple of days back, I took this feature  with Product team and had a complete discussion. Signs look positive to me and I expect this to happen soon. Regarding timeline, I will update this in the forum within a week's time." - 1 year ago (no update since this post)


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Hello folks, 

You'll get a notification (and solution articles) on this in a few days, but here you go. You can set up approvals to be sent to requesters as well from today :D. This feature is available both in the Workflow Automator and in the dispatchr. 



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Very happy to see this finally implemented. This was BIG in our decision to stick with Freshservice.


Hope you all are doing good,

As few would have noticed this already, This feature has been released . You would be able to send approval emails to any user in your portal using the automation rules. The below screen shot will assist you on where you would need to look for. Please let me know if you have any more queries. 

We from Freshservice really appreciate your patience on this. 




Freshservice - Product Specialist

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