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Automated Approval Emails w/Dispatch'r for Non-Agents

You can send approval request to an email address directly from a ticket (service request) approval. (service-request.png)

However Dispatch'r can only send approvals to helpdesk users. (dispatchr.png)

I'd like the ability for Dispatch'r to send approvals to an email address just as you can from within a service request.

It's odd that you can do it in one place on Freshservice, but not another place within the same system for the same function.


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Hi Michael,

Yes you are right about it. We will be taking this up soon and I will keep you posted on this.

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We need this as well. Our use case is that department heads need to approve certain types of requests, but they are not agents. Currently an agent will 1) have to know that the request requires approval and 2) add an approval manually.

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I need functionality like this but not ties to approvals  more so just notifying non agents including the whole ticket

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Hi, any news on when this feature will be added?

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Also looking for this feature. We have a number of people in the organisation who need to approve requests from their subordinates and adding them all as agents would be cost prohibitive.

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I'm really upset that we don't have any updates regarding that however it's very important. Actually it seems as a bug in the design, as it should be included from the very begining.

Waiting to hear from you,


Hi To All,

To begin with, I apologize on behalf of Freshservice for not having this functionality in place for a long time. I agree that this is a feature that should have been already  in the product. Also, this is one of the most wanted functionality by many. This thread itself is a sample. I am  in total support for you.

Only a couple of days back, I took this feature  with Product team and had a complete discussion. Signs look positive to me and I expect this to happen soon. Regarding timeline, I will update this in the forum within a week's time. 

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience. I will ensure to have this functionality in product soon. I take complete responsibility.

Thank you



Head of Presales-Freshservice

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Hi Ramesh,

You stated 3 months ago that you would give an update on the timeline for this functionality within a week. Do you have an update on when this functionality will be available?

Hi Ramesh,

One of the things I always stress to my helpdesk team is the need for regular updates on open commitments.

If there has been no progress and will be no progress for some time, it would be appreciated if you can say so. Alternatively, it would be good to see a commitment from Freshservice to having this implemented.

Any update here?

What's happening with this one?
This would be pretty handy in getting HR to authorise new starter accounts. 

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This seems to be another case of "coming soon" and he we are 5 months later.


I also need to this functionality - seems odd it can be done manually but not via dispatch'r rules. 

Hi, will this be delivered or is there a workaround?

The FS automation is severely crippled by the lack of this feature.

Please update us on where you are with this, 2 years is a long time!

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