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Office 365/Exchange Calendar Integration

Currently trying to jump through several different hoops to get tasks into the calendars.  Not a great workflow.  

Any hope of getting tasks to sync with Exchange/Office 365 Calendars? 

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Jyensen - We have logged a ticket for the timezone issue. Regarding schedule meeting, best times are suggested based on logged in user's calendar (i.e agent who is trying to set up the meeting) and not the assigned agent's calendar. So it will not be possible to setup meeting for other agents.

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Great work!!! Thanks

i not can see my tasks in calendar as i can done this?

Maybe can implement the notification of tickets/changes/problems  "resolved" or close  in calendar 

Thanks for introducing this feature but it's broken?


Hi Joseph Saxton,

Based on the logs, that particular api request to microsoft was timed out. Could you please refresh your page and try it out.

Let me know, if the issue still exist.

 when will this happen???

@Steve - This is already up. Please refer this solution article to set it up. 

Are there any plans to sync both ways (pull items from Exchange Online)?  Trying to dispatch tickets without the ability to actually quickly (have to look see a team members schedule from Outlook) view availability is painful.

Unfortunately as it appears there is no enty "Integrations" in the Admion panel so no chance to enable O365 integration anymore?


You can find it now under the admin -> apps => get more apps.

Is there any way to get this working with Exchange 2013 on premise instead of O365?

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