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Ability to add Serial Numbers via barcode or text recognition

The assets module in the iOS app is awesome! Like it so far. It would be helpful to have a Serial Number field (is there a way to create custom fields) and a way to either input the SN via a barcode or text recognition with the camera...

Hi Scott,

  You can scan an asset using barcode scanner as shown below. The asset tag field will be automatically populated when scanning is done



When will this be available on Android?

Hi Scott,

This feature for Android is already in Pipeline.But we cannot give an exact ETA, we will try to bring in as soon as possible.



Sorry for the late response. Yes I am aware that you can scan the asset, I"m requseting additional fields for a serial number or other info like an Asset Tag. We have Asset Tags and have serial numbers. Is there a way to create additional fields where info can be "scanned" in via the same feature you offer now.

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