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Customisable contract fields & improvements


Could I request that the contract template is made available for editing so we can add our own fields (Eg.. Purchase Order Number)).

Also can it be made possible to be able to edit the notified user once the contract is approved.

Finally a method of exporting the contracts to a CSV or Excel would be beneficial.

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Any news on improvements to contracts?

I would like to see this feature as well.

And also a container by company if you're servicing a number of clients, you should be able to select a client and see every contract/licenses belong to them.



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We would like this addition too.


The possibility to add attachment/files to on going contracts, or when renewed.

Wow this has been a feature request for THREE YEARS?

Ditto... would like this and wow, 3 years.

Folks, merging this topic with Edit Contracts feature in the roadmap. All the requests in the topic are now available.