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Would be good to see a calendar option, where it can in cooperate a task list, change list and scheduled tasks. and also a group calendar or overall calendar for management to see.


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Definitely need this.

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Can you try 2018 calendar templates on this website?

There are a few calendar feature requests I've seen and I think it's warranted.  The calendar concept could be extremely valuable.  As is right now though it's limited.  We'd love to see:

*Ability for existing Exchange/Office365 items to get sync'ed onto the FreshServices calendar as unavailable times.  Right now using the Office365 app it appears that items only sync from FreshService onto Office365 (one way).  Have the bi-directional sync would really help when trying to pick a time to schedule a task.

*Ability to block out times on the calendar for Incidents.  This is helpful when you know you have a period of time that an incident has to be worked and you don't want anything else to conflict with that.

*Ability for Contacts using the Portal to request a time to troubleshoot an incident based on your calendar availability.

why don't your use calendar to manage everything.

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