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Live update on ticket overview

When a ticket is modified or created, the ticket overview should refresh or at least warn the agent about this update. This prevents the need to manually refresh the page to see if any new tickets have arrived and improved the time a ticket can be picked up by a pending agent.

If you are working in a team of first-liners, when a ticket is 'picked' it should be removed from the view of another agent.

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i can't see the new function!! 

We just went live today with Fresh Service. We too are looking for an automated solution to refresh all the tickets without having to manually click an icon to do so. Seems like a pretty simple coding request where a predetermined number of refresh seconds could be entered or just a standard 60 second refresh period..  

Sadly this is not what we have been requesting.

The problem with an auto refresh is that if a user is looking at the list it will keep resting on him/her.

I was shocked to find this wasn't a default functionality. Honestly, seeing that it's a three-year old issue with no response makes me think that this solution doesn't really care about user responsiveness. It will certainly be a factor if we decide to upgrade.

Hello Rich, as you can see in the release notes of 30th October 2017, this feature has been implemented. But maybe it isn't implemented as you would like it. For us it suits our needs.

don't see anything like this

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Thanks Peter. I'm not seeing that happen for me though. Is it a paid feature?

Hello Rich, I'm afraid I can't answer that question for you. Maybe someone else knows this.

i think they made a mistake and only made this feature available for freshworks and not freshservice! On the Screenshot of Mohana u can see the frshworks logo and not freshservice!

(307 KB)

I agree with Greg. This is far from live updates on tickets. you still have to manually press the "refresh" button. In general they've moved the initial problem to a button. 

What we want to have is an live dashboard. When a new ticket arrives in our helpdesk it will automatically refresh and put the new ticket on top. A simple request if you ask me (code wise). 

When we began with Freshservice almost three years ago, we've been promised a lot of simple features if you ask me. some features where implemented, but most features were just poorly developed. Just for the quick wins or something. We are considering the option to move away from Freshservice. (Estate plan with 6 agents).

Hello all,

We decided to not auto-refresh the ticket list view page when there is a ticket update/creation, and instead went with live updates on the ticket list view along with a refresh icon. This is because when agents are working on the list view (example - updating the status of a ticket or performing bulk actions on tickets etc from the list view), auto-refreshing this view would be intrusive for the agent. But as pointed out above, with this solution, although live updates gives us the count of tickets that are created/updated, it is difficult to quickly identify these tickets in the list view or access them.

We'll continue to update you here as we make progress on this feature. Thank you for all the inputs and please keep your feedback coming. 


Freshservice Product Management 

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Hello Rich and Samuel,

Live updates on the Ticket list & detailed view is available as part of Blossom, Garden & Estate plans. Please let me know if you're facing any issues with this feature, we will will get in touch with you to resolve it. 

Ok thats why i cant see this feature, we are using the free Version!

@Deepika, thanks for the reply. I agree that a scrolling update would be annoying. Just having a notification pop up that there is a new ticket would suffice. And since we are currently on the free version, that explains why we don't have it. 

All good. Thanks!

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