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Live update on ticket overview

When a ticket is modified or created, the ticket overview should refresh or at least warn the agent about this update. This prevents the need to manually refresh the page to see if any new tickets have arrived and improved the time a ticket can be picked up by a pending agent.

If you are working in a team of first-liners, when a ticket is 'picked' it should be removed from the view of another agent.

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Hello Mike, 

The feature is in the final stages of development and will be rolled out by the end of this month. 


Freshservice Product Management

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Thank you for the update.

Look forward to seeing this in action.

Thank you for the update. We look forward to having this feature Nov 1. Again thank for updating us!

Saw the new look this morning, thought that the Dashboard update thing would be incorporated, seems not !

Must be coming next week, right ?!

I do like the new look but sad that this request was not added.

When will it be released?

Is this still going to be released this week?

Hello all, 

Live updates on the ticket list view page is on-track to be rolled-out this week!


Freshservice Product Management

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Glad to hear!

Thank you for the update!

I believe I see the update? It's simply a popup that refreshes your view? Is this correct?

(9.21 KB)

That's what I'm seeing, its helping I must admit.

Yes, it's a great start! However, its causing issues when the ticket that is updated is not in the current ticket view. It's difficult to find the ticket that was just updated. Is there any way to provide a link to each newly updated ticket on the update popup to allow the tech to open the ticket in a new tab or windows?

(6.14 KB)

It refreshes your view? for me all it does is tells me that there's an update but I have to click the refresh icon for it to update. Not exactly what I would call automatic refresh, still requires a click which I could do and was doing with the browser refresh button. Maybe there's an option somewhere to prompt or update automatically and the default is prompt?

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I agree with Phodgkinson. 

Not really a live update. A live update would be seeing a new ticket right on the screen. It is no different then what I am seeing now. 

Part of having a live update would be for a dashboard. I would like to be able to put it on a touch screen that we can see the number of cases increase and decrease and if we are on the ticket page a user would just see it show up. I know that this can be done by setting up a script to run to refresh the browser but if we are looking through a list or another user is scrolling then every time that it refreshes it goes back to the top.

This might be a set in the right direction but I don't believe that this is the answer just yet.

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This is only helping the "Ticket List" only and not the "Ticket View" which is most important for agents.

1- The update should come through the "Ticket view" (when a ticket is open) as two agents may be working on a same ticket (or requester responds to the ticket while agent has the ticket open) and they will miss the update! This is very basic feature and I'm wondering why we should scream for this feature for almost two years!

2- The new update in the "Ticket list" will only show the first reply. If there are more replies the pop-up won't catch them.

Hope you get this fixed in "Ticket view" as well.

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