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Live update on ticket overview

When a ticket is modified or created, the ticket overview should refresh or at least warn the agent about this update. This prevents the need to manually refresh the page to see if any new tickets have arrived and improved the time a ticket can be picked up by a pending agent.

If you are working in a team of first-liners, when a ticket is 'picked' it should be removed from the view of another agent.

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Definitely needed

Any reaction form the FreshService Product Team on this feature request would be nice

Our helpdesk team now just a Chrome or Firefox add-in to refresh the page, so they can monitor what is going on.

Not to the best solution though...

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Is there any update on this? I told my manager this was on the Freshservice roadmap a few months ago and he has just asked for an update.

This is a very important feature for the normal everyday use of Freshservice.

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Please add this feature.  Auto update is key to effectively supporting staff and customer in real time!

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I can't believe this hasn't been added yet!

We would really appreciate this functionality, is there a time frame on when this will be implemented?

Wondered if it could be coded into the admin area anywhere for a faster resolution?

Yup, still waiting for this feature. Right now we have e-mail notifications setup to send an e-mail to all agents whenever a new ticket is created. But that's not an ideal solution, just a workaround.


Not ideal - when new ticket is the only ticket you can send to individual agents.

I'm shocked as this refresh functionality cant be a lot of development.

Can anyone from Freshservice respond this to Discussion to update us all.

This is a great feature and it has been requested for over two years.

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Hello everyone, 

Apologies for the late reply. Live updates on the ticket list view page and ticket detail view page when tickets are being created and updated is currently in development. I will keep you posted here on further updates. Thank you all for your valuable inputs! 


Freshservice Product Management

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What is the ETA. Couple of weeks?
Any update on ETA?

Any update on this?

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