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Problem calling API

Trying to update a Change ticket through the api, but if I try to update a custom field, I'm just getting a 500 error (as someone else mentioned, more error info would be a huge help - "It Is Broken" is useless).

If I do a PUT request, but not include the custom fields, it works fine:

curl -u <myaccessID>:nopass -H "Content-Type: tion/json" -X PUT -d '{"itil_change":{"subject":"test only - please ignore!!!!"}}'

But if I include the custom fields, I get the 500 error:

curl -u <myaccessID>:nopass -H "Content-Type: tion/json" -X PUT -d '{"itil_change":{"subject":"test only - please ignore!!!!","custom_field_values":{"tfs_backlog_link_6513":""}}}'


(Yes, I emailed support, but figured I'd try here too)


Hi John,

Can you try using "custom_field_attributes" instead of "custom_field_values" in the API call?


Yes, I did figure out that to UPDATE and add a custom field value, I need to use custom_field_attributes, NOT custom_field_values.

Why are they two different keys - custom_field_values in the result for a GET, and custom_field_attributes for a PUT? That makes no sense!

Hi John,

Yes it is very confusing to have 2 different keys in the API. We will be fixing this in a couple of weeks time and making sure that the keys in the GET response and in the PUT request match. I'll keep you updated.

Hi John,

We have updated the API documentation to include custom_field_attributes. We are sorry for not notifying earlier on this update.

Please write to for further assistance.

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