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Barcode Scanner in Android App?

Hi! My manager has an iPhone and was showing me that the Freshservice app has a bar code scanner that links up to the CMDB. I checked out the Android app, but this feature isn't there. Any plans to implement it?

Thank you!

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Hi Dave,

Yes we have plans to implement the Barcode Scanner in our android app as well. It is in the development phase and it should be rolled out in a month or two.


So whats the status on this? It's been more than two months. Chances of getting it soon?


Hi guys,

The Android app update with the Barcode scanner and Service Catalog for requesters is available here.

I know that it has taken us sometime to implement this and I apologise for the delay. Please do give the app a try and let us know what you think!

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Thanks!  I didn't know scanning on Android is now available - great!  However, I found it requires a specific barcode scanner - I installed it but found the permissions are too invasive.  Can we select a different scanner that doesn't invade our privacy?  I'm not comfortable with apps such as scanners or alarm clocks that need anything personal - contacts, SD card contents, call history, etc.  Why oh why?  (And yes, I tried turning off permissions, but it only allowed a few things to be denied - so I UNinstalled.)


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