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Observer rules where the trigger is attaching to another entity

Hello! I would like to request the ability to set up Observer rules that fire when one entity is attached to another. Consider when a Change is attached to a Release. Currently, it is not possible to set up an Observer rule where:

On event "Change attached to a Release"
Update status of Change to "Pending Release"

E-mail Service Desk.

The latter two actions are possible, but the trigger is not possible. Our use case is that our Technical Development team owns the Release & Deployment process, and they review Change records and decide whether an upcoming Release will include any given Change. They want to be able to attach a Change to a Release and not have to go back into the Change and manually update the status field.

We basically want to be able to use "incident/problem/change attached to problem/change/release" as a trigger for Observer rules.

Thank you very much for your consideration! Please let me know if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to clarify.

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While I'm at it, it doesn't seem possible to use "on Incident/Problem/Change/Release creation" as a trigger for Observer rules (and the Dispatch'r doesn't work for non-tickets). Could you add that as well?

I tried using "When status changes from (any) to (open)" but it doesn't perform the desired action when you first create the ticket.

Thanks again!

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