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Add filter option for integrations, such as "has linked JIRA ticket"

 When one of the integrations is active, the only way to know that a ticket has a linked item is to be viewing that ticket, and remember to go look at the bottom right. It would be VERY helpful to have some kind of simple filter to be able to find all the issues with linked integrations.

For example, I would like a list of all my tickets that have a linked Jira item. Yes, we can try to get everyone to always use a tag or something for this, but it's subject to user error and forgetting, and isn't a good solution for reporting on status and progress.

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It would also be helpful if the Jira ticket number could be included in an export.  Right now, one has to go into every single ticket to see if there's a Jira, then click to see the Jira number, then copy the number to the exported data.  Very time consuming and unnecessary when the data is already in the system, just not exposed in a usable way.


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This ties back to requiring customization in the ticket listing view via freshplugs, which is not possible currently and, to the best of my knowledge when asking in my onboarding, is not on the roadmap.

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