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Separate templates for Incidents and requests


Could I request a separate field template for Service requests to Incidents as currently if we have a required field on an incident say in relation to impact, this also shows as a required field in the service request, where not only is it required but has no relevance. Could a way of filtering custom fields to show in just incidents or Service Requests be added please.

Part of the problem is that everything starts as an incident when the user is entering it, and we have to use Observer rules to sort them into incident/service request after they're created. I don't know if this feature request will work, because the ticket being entered is always an incident until it is submitted and run through the rules. The only way to do it would be to have some way for the user to pick one of the other up front.

That being said, it can still be very useful to have fields that only show up on one or the other. For example, a service request might have an impact field that the agent has to complete when they action it. It couldn't be required up front from the customer, but it could be required from the agent.


My issue is in relation to once a request is raised through the catalogue as even with the fields hidden to the requester, when an agent picks the call up they then need to assign all of the required fields needed in an incident. As a work around I am going to create new status's for each required field in relation to it being a service request and get the despatch'r to assign these status's to and service requests. Not ideal but it should work. 

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