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Visual Studio / TFS integration

For software product support, integration with Visual Studio Online would be very helpful.

This is similar to the integration with Atlassian JIRA.

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TFS is not a selectable app. I am on the FreshService side so I am a bit confused by the initial questions' combination of Visual Studio and TFS. How do I connect FreshService complaints to be bug reports in TFS if TFS does not show up as a selectable app?

I'm currently testing through zapier which seems to be working out ok so far. I can convert tickets into work items in VSO but for some reason I cannot get comments from a VSO work item to be added to the relevant ticket in freshdesk. 

Not looking for support on zapier here just outlining my experience so far. 


Hi Matthijs,

You can set up the integration through 'Zapier'.

To do that, go to https://zapier.com/ and sign up (unless you're already using it). Then click on 'Make a Zap'. You can create several if-this-then-that rules between the two apps.

You can use Zapier to integrate Freshservice with other apps as well.

Good luck! Let us know if you need further help.



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