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Send Email To Requester Action Should Be Stored

I have a supervisor rule that includes a step of emailing a requester. For example, I have a rule that emails a warning on certain tickets at the 72-hour mark.

However, the email does not get stored in the ticket that triggers it, so there's no historical trail of this email in the ticket. Seems like, at a minimum, we should have the option of having the generated email stored in the ticket at the time of send, as if an agent had typed it and sent it manually.

I would almost consider this a bug, because you basically throw the audit trail out the window.

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That's a great suggestion Paul. I have forwarded it to our Product Management team. I can't provide an ETA yet, but we will work on getting auto-generated email added to the corresponding tickets soon.

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Is there any update on this feature?

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I've noticed this too. Basically, it's just missing the action 'Add Note'. By adding a note to the ticket you can just add information to the ticket.

This action is missing in the Observer/Ticket action list too. I'm currently using it in Observer/Problem to add problem solutions to the associated tickets.

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I agree with Paul and Tiele's comments in regards to this feature request.

Having both the emails from rules show within the ticket as well as the option to have a note added to the ticket when the Supervisor rules are ran would be very helpful.

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No need for me to re-iterate anything here but I agree with the comments said so far and I would like to see this feature. 

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I would love to see this feature! It's definitely something I've shared some frustration over.

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Also, along the same vein, I've noticed that the system does not record when a rule changes the status of a ticket. For example, I have a Supervisor rule that closes pending tickets if there hasn't been a response in 10 days (I have another rule that sends the requester a reminder email 3 days prior to this). It doesn't show up in Activities when this rule changes the status to Resolved.

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We've been building a platform for integrating FreshService with our other toolkits for RMM, password management, so on.  

In doing so, we've also added on a little "missing features in FS" bit.  This bit allows us to do the things in FS that we can't do within FS using the API.  This is one of those things.  

But note, you cannot update this as a reply.  It will have to be a note.  But for me, a note is significantly better than nothing.  You get accountability that the message has been sent and that your rules are actually functioning. 

If you have need for some custom bits like that, you can shoot me an email at and we can talk about your specific request.   We're working through our FreshService partnership docs right now to get that up and running.  

Just to be clear, we're not integration trolls that ride the various boards.  We're an active MSP doing this work every day and building our own tools rapidly as required.  

Pricing would be flat rate against whatever additional custom dev we have to do calculated around 1-3 hours at around $125 for a cost of somewhere between $125-$375 flat to set it up.

Information passes through a segregated service dedicated to your account that we host with reputable services but is retained in our possession and holds our IP.  Monthly cost, above the initial set up, is $30.

Mods: feel free to let me know if I shouldn't post things like this here and I will cease doing so, as opposed to getting kicked out ;)

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