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Add Change number to Changes attached to Releases

 I would like to see the Change ID's in the list of Changes linked to a Release. It would make it much easier to discuss and review with other users. We will have Releases with 10 - 15 changes attached. Reviewing by number would be awesome. I would also sort the changes by ID as well. Thanks.

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This would be a nice addition. Everyone at our location uses the change number, release number, problem number, and ticket number so having this number here would be good for discussion and reference. As you can see in the screenshot above the type and consistency of the name will vary by who created the item and the item so it’s just easier to use and reference these unique ID’s.


Thank you for considering this change – I am often on here giving ideas or supporting other ideas and just want to say Freshservice is really awesome – it has changed the way we work. The continuous updates are truly appreciated.

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