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Pressing space in name selection list moves to new selection

When adding a contract, in the "Notify To:" field, when I type "Ian", I get a long list of names containing that character string (mostly "Brian").  When I click the space bar to continue typing the last name (to filter the list and select the correct contact), the name "ian" is entered in the field, and a new name selection is triggered.

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Hi Glen,

I understand that it can be frustrating when an incomplete or wrong name is selected in the "Notify to" field. We are working on fixing the issue and it will be addressed in an upcoming release in the coming weeks.



Hi Glen, let me mark this resolved since we have changed the workflow of the same and hope that helped you out. Now you can choose the person to be notified about the contract from a drop-down list. 

Please feel free to write us back for further assistance.

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