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Vendor contact form improvements

When I am adding a new vendor (from the "Vendor" drop-down when adding a new contract CI, there are a few issues and ambiguities:

  1. The form has a field for "Primary Contact", with fields below for phone, mobile, and e-mail, but there is no description text for the fields.  This makes it unclear as to whether the contact info should be entered for the primary contact, or generic info for the vendor.
  2. When completing the "Phone" field, a warning appears "Please enter a valid number", but there is nothing to indicate what syntax should be used.  Descriptive text (or at least a descriptive error) would prevent the guessing game of "What format does the app want me to use?".  Even better, input validation masks could be used to accept various input formats and convert them to a standard format.
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Yes I strongly agree. I trying to add a phone number right now and for the life of me it won't stay...I just left it out altogether and moved on.

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