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Reports by tag

I may be wrong but, I believe tickets tags are kind of "left behind" on freshdesk.

Tags can be very, very helpful for longs workflows ticket report analysis.

For example, for any step from a workflow we add a tag (i.e. Customer Return, Warranty, Refund, etc).

When we can have a "tag use" AB report (comparing similar last period), we can check what steps of the workflow have increased or decreased.

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It would be very handy to be able to use the tags in reports to keep track on the use of tags in certain date periods. is there any update on this?

any status update on this request?

I would also be very interested in that Feature. Any news from Freshdesk available?

Could you please tell which reports you are using. I just checked all reports we have (custom and predefined) but was not able to filter by tags.

Apologies for the confusion.

The earlier post was for the product Freshdesk. We haven't yet brought this feature in Freshservice but we will in the near future.( don't have an ETA as of now.)

- Deleting earlier post to avoid further confusions - 


we are also interested in this feature

Has there been any change on this feature? This seems like one of the only reasons you would use the TAG feature at all is to report on it. What other purpose would it serve?  We need a way to gain intelligence on the incidents and work on our systems without the formality of categories. 

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I agree here. The best experience with Tags would be that we could do a detailed reporting on the amount and severance of incidents with that Tag. This would make it possible to really find out what is eating the time of the agents.

We're also keen to see this implemented; it's becoming frustrating for our team.

This is the main reason we'd like to use reports. It looks like this has been moved to the "planned" stage, are there any updates around ETAs even for beta?

I see tags now, but not in reports. Any update?

I'd also like to be able to report on tags. Reports or Analytics for that matter.. I share the sentiments of HL IT Support.

Report on tags is available under Analytics! Reporting >>Analytics>> Add a widget >> 


Hope this works for you or anyone looking for help just like the way I was. 

Best regards.

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